WTB stock wells motor

Looking for a stock wells 480 motor x2 , prefer minimal use.
Need the armature’s

I went looking for one recently…hen’s teeth m8

Grrrr damn it, I thought I had two so i cut one to count the windings…32tpa👌🏽

Only to find the other was a 460 and wont work🤦🏽‍♂️

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Well I’ve got one but man…there isn’t enough man lurve in the world will have me part with the thing

What are you putting it in?

Haha, bugger

Found some in China :ok_hand:t4:

I have a spare neo can, so I’m hoping to make a 32tpa motor for a DSG setup.

Trying to do a super fast trigger response like the AS guys.
The ones where they use two fingers and tap away on the trigger and it go’s nuts :partying_face:

You sir…are a friggin nutbag



Yeah nah yeah… our favorite nutbag laughing%20(1) hail


Super late but i have a spare i won’t ever use. Let me know if you want it, yours for free + postage :slight_smile:

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Done I’ll message you