WTB well 80% cylinder

Looking for an 80% cylinder to fit a well MRT .
No longer needed

M4a1 stock the stainless ones

They had none of the 80% , . Which store are you talking about. I was at 17mile rocks and tried bundamba , but that was last week. Online says no stock

I got this back cylinder from an old Wells gearbox that was given to me with a bunch of parts…dunno if its what you are after…but if it is, you are more then welcome to have it…

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Thanks but I have 3 of the standard cylinders, I’m specifically looking for one 80%, that port hole will be further back.
I have got a full cylinder here maybe I’ll just go and buy a Dremel.


I’m up in Bundaberg. I’ll check my box today, i may have a spare

All good , managed to get a Std 80% cylinder and will cut it down

I could be interested in that one :cowboy_hat_face: haha

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Yours if you want it :slightly_smiling_face: , i have no need for it.

If you keep getting donuts on the Well 80% cylinder it’s not hard to port your own cylinder… plenty of info in here, a forum search will see you right with that :+1:

Yeah I went and got a dremil last week


That’s the way… get into it :+1: