Wynnum Gel Blaster Store Support

That woman that is trying to ban the Gel Blaster Store in Wynnum is going to be on ABC radio in a few minutes. Can some people chime in if they take callers in response to prove there is no danger.

Also be prepared, she is a man hater, judging from her comments on Twitter.

Did you manage to get a recording of her babel?

Damn, the petition she started is getting more & more supporters, past 150 now.
In contrast, the other petition for gel blasters is only 23 so far.

So where do we sign the petition online?

Also don’t say things like "she’s a man hater and did you hear her babble - that will just reinforce her argument. You don’t win by being worse than someone, be better than them.

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I agree with arty_marty on that one don’t poke the bear and expect nothing. A pissed off angry feminist is the last thing we need running rampage trying to get this awesome sport banned. Because if could ever be done it would be from someone like her whos persistent on succeeding. For the Southpark fans it would be Kyle’s mum all over again

The ABC poll has over 13k votes with over 80% voting no for a ban

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Welcome @Zack_Watson.

Where does one vote sorry?

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157511032974669&id=59944789668 hope that worked

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There is another petition for the wynumm store that is over 170 now https://www.change.org/p/500-people-to-accept-that-gel-blasters-are-toys-and-accept-the-wynum-gel-blaster-shop-opening

No I was just calling a spade a spade. I was not poking, I have already replied directly to her Twitter comment saying her condescending and sexist remarks are terrible coming from someone who claims to fight for mental health.

Also to find the petitions. For some reason, multiple people have started different ones. But just go to change.org and search Gel Blaster then you will find a list of them, I’ve signed a few already.

Wow, I just checked the ABC vote. Now currently getting close to 15,000 voters with nearly 90% saying NO to a Ban!

Very nice work everybody, this will ensure the shop stays open for sure.

Ummm is the facebook poll now removed? It’s not loading for me.

This poll proved her wrong severely and it would have assisted in the meeting with QPS. Can we fight to get the poll reinstated?

Update 1 : Have contacted ABC Brisbane about poll.
Update 2 : Done some quick research, she is claiming she is being attacked now and blaming the ABC, so I am guessing the ABC removed it to stop her ‘everybody is against me’ crusade. https://twitter.com/pwoodsy?s=09

It’s funny isn’t it, I bet if the poll was in her favour she would have ran with it. Also, I never read one negative thing about her in the comments of that poll, everything was very positive and based on family enjoyment and exercise.

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Poll has been removed for me as well as here petition by the looks of it.

I’ll take that as mission achieved :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry to bring this up again but I’ve been following the progress of the Anti-Wynnum Gel Blaster Poll thing.

It’s spiralling out of control, now the ABC is in the crosshairs of this young lady (the one with a few roos loose in the top paddock, if you know what I mean).

This her demand list. Yes really, a demand list.

She listed it here, https://twitter.com/pwoodsy?s=09

If this is to ‘political’ to tall about here, just lock the thread. But it is sort of an off-topic discussion of sorts now.

Like I said before, this is why you should NOT use phrases like crazy, few roos loose in top paddock etc. It just gives people like this even more ammunition. (excuse the pun!)

She is totally correct about the toxic masculinity part too. The Jokes topic that was started a few days ago on here is a perfect example of this. Within 4 posts it turned into a stream of sexist jokes about women. WTF…

EVERYTHING you put up on the internet is free for EVERYONE to see. Also EVERYTHING you say can be taken out of context. If you ever want to have Airsoft in Australia or even keep Gelsoft you need to be a bit smarter about it.

I’m not being overly sensitive about this. If you have to have your locker room talk, keep it in the locker room, not in writing in public.

It’s great that you posted this @Rokz, we appreciate it. I’d like it to be an example to think twice before reacting when things like this happen. We all need to be smarter. And tell all your friends to be smarter too.

I’m sure the bloke who said she should be shot was joking. I’m sure he doesn’t want her shot. But there it is. He said it. and now she can say someone threatened her and wanted her shot.
Now the police commissioner has another reason and argument to have airsoft and gelsoft banned in Australia. “A member of the general public complained about gelsoft, a member of the gelsoft community threatened her life saying she should be shot. These are the people who are asking for access to guns or things that look like guns. should we let them? No”

That’s how it’s going to be. And all the arguments about being sensitive, it was a joke, she was asking for it, but shes trying to take away MY freedom of expression, that’s just how aussie people are, blah blah blah… Don’t bother typing that. it will just prove you don’t get it.

If you want to see what happens when a joke you say gets taken out of context, next time you’re boarding a plane make a joke about your carry on bag being heavy. Tell the flight attendant you should have but the bomb in the checked in luggage instead.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if you think it’s stupid.
If you want better Gelsoft, less restrictions, and even airsoft remember this…

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

PS. Sorry that was a bit ranty, but i’m passionate about this sport and I want it to be amazing for everyone. :purple_heart:

  1. Yes you are 110% overly sensitive.
  2. Saying she is crazy in a funny way was the most tamest way to get my point across in the entire world :rofl:, in the real world I would have torn her to shreds. Im actually really surprised you threw that in the locker room talk category.
  3. Toxic masculinity is not a thing, new age feminists (man haters) invented this, so I wouldn’t use that term unless your from the SJW category. Also, It was a female who joked about shooting up her house with a gel blaster on facebook, and absolutely NOTHING in the comments on the ABC Facebook Poll was negative.
  4. You want me to be an example of thinking twice before speaking? Unable to tell if your directing that to me in a condecending way or not, but that’s how it sounds. I got one thing to respond to that, pull your head out your ass mate.
  5. Dammit, so I missed some good jokes? I initially wasn’t interested in the joke thread as I come here for Gelsoft info, thanks for the heads up :rofl:

There is no harm calling a spade a spade. I’m 100% confident with how I communicate online. Let’s just say, in my line of work, it would not be smart to speak before I think. So turn ya ‘Forum Police’ badge around and chill out.


Hate to point out the obvious, but you my friend are a hypocrite!
You said

Yet you attack us calling us sexist and such !
In my book that ain’t honey :poop:
I personally believe in honesty not being fake by trying to pretend we are something we are not, pretending is fake and real people can see fake a mile away.
You preach political correctness yet you make a speech like that !
I will prolly get kicked for this but shit happens :frowning:


@Rokz I wasn’t directing that at you, or being condescending and I agree with your assessment 110%
Also I wasn’t saying that as a forum mod, but I realise now I f*-ed up in that regard because people wouldn’t see it that way or know that. Consider my head pulled in and also removed out of ass.

Haha it’s all good man, that’s what this forum is for really. Discussions. I just call stuff out, it’s mainly the PC stuff that rubs me the wrong way.

My reply post was mostly being silly but getting my point out there, so don’t sweat it. Just remember there is a pretty good chance that we are all grown men/women, I highly doubt there are any sub 25 year olds here. But I could be wrong :rofl: