X force tactical 5.1 teardown

Hi all any one know how to get the blowback housing out of the slide of a xforce tactical hi capa 2011

diffrent pistol i know but very much the same strip down. hope this helps.


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Cheers but it’s the whole housing out of the slide I’m having an issue with as the vids I see have a screw where the hammer hits and this is just blank

ok bugger m not familiar with that particular model. if there is no screw at the rear maybe its the same as the xtp i had. there is a small screw that attaches the unit to the frame. its the same one that secures the rear sight. other than that im sorry i couldnt be of more help.

Do you still need this info ?? If so let me know and I’ll write something up. It stumped me for a bit but I finally worked it out.

I found mine to work pretty mint out of the box… put 13 gels in the mag and it fires 13 gels out of the barrel each and every time and it even slide locks on every mag empty too !! (not like other supposedly better versions of this JW3 TTI 2011)

Only thing I noticed with mine was the FPS was all over the place. I installed my Lighter BT and tested. I was getting anywhere from mid 100’s to over 300 FPS, It was all over the shop… And so this was the reason I stripped mine down completely.

The problem was that the seal on the piston head was to small for the inside of the loading nozzle. There was basically no seal at all. I removed the stock seal and made my own seal for it and it now seals perfectly. I’m now averaging around 310 FPS !! lowest I see is low 290’s and I’m seeing as high as 330 !! This thing is a beast, I love it…

Yes the hand grip might not be 100% correct to the JW3 2011 but I’m stoked I waited and got this Double Bell collectors version from X-Force…

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Hey Mate, I’m stuck with the BBU removal from my double bell. Is there a write up or can you give me some pointers on removal?

To pull it down, There’s a cover held in place by a screw under the loading nozzle. Pull the nozzle down, and remove that screw and the cover, Under that cover you will see the rest of the hammer damper and to the left towards the back of the blowback unit you will see a small silver pin pushed in. You have to push the damper in slightly and use a magnetic screwdriver to pull out the pin. Then the 2 pieces will come out from that area. and you will be able to remove the bbu

Here’s a write up guys on how to remove the BBU

Hey there, seems we have the same unit and model, any luck with it?