X-Force Tactical Metal Receiver Questions

Hey guys,

I just got a receiver from x-force and bought a kublai outer barrel to then realise no matter what handguard i use the outer barrel is loose and wont tighten at all. Any chances im doing something wrong? If not, can anyone point me in a direction of one that will work with the kublai mk18 handguard.


Which outer barrel mate? And can you take a picture of the screw that holds the barrel on that the handguard attaches to?

It is the 14 inch salient arms international outer barrel and ive attached the pics you asked for,


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Ok, so that’s a picture of a the nut that came with a madbull omega rail screwed onto a Cyma upper with a Kublai Mk18 barrel. I guess you’re not getting that far?

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And the same thing attached to a metal upper I got at M4A1 (not sure if it’s the same one as X-Force one)

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Thanks for the reply but ive figured out why, I added some spacers between the barrel nut and barrel and it works perfectly now


Happy days!