X-Force web site down 4 me

have been trying to get onto xforces web site but no go any one else having issues ?

Juat you. :joy:

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Seems fine for me, have you tried turning it off and back on again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

hmmmmmmmmmmm so can any one tell me if they have any black labels in yet ?

i have turned my brain off once before but took my family ages to figure out what i did and missed out on a whole month


Still showing “email when stock available”

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thanks hope they getem soon

I was in there yesterday, I think they said next week or the next couple of weeks they were hoping more to come in.
That was the north lakes store.

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What is the next best alternative to the blacks these days?

Feeding 7.3id

I’ve pretty much been solely black labels lately, I found my " softer" blasters liked their pinkies but they’re out of stock too. I got a couple packs of AKA ( the black packet ones) with my MP7, they feed fine with that but haven’t tried them with my other blasters yet.

The MP7 is a 7.4 ID, had grown the AKA s for 4 hrs and of the few I measured they were between 7.2 and 7.3, so I soaked then for an extra hour but didn’t have time to measure them again, been meaning to set up my gel sorter but just been cbf with it.

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The black labels are on the water guys so hope to see em in the next 2 weeks if all goes well. The website is working it could be cookies or just a browser thing. Try a different browser.

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Don’t suppose there were some pinkies in that container too, they’ve been my go to for my stock blasters.

Pinkies are getting done now. I got around 6000 packs getting made

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Found a 100% fix for your customers. Get them to set their DNS to Google’s.

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If you got tech boys, might want to let them know about DNS problems if things keep going this way.


i don’t have any issues with other web sites

all this for one web site dam some thing had to have changed as i did not have issues trying to get on it before



Yeah not sure what happened but we couldn’t find anything from our end.

prob isp server cocked up

any one else with superloop having issues ?

What ever happened to the Ausgel Ultra Elites that we were all wetting our knickers over?

I always ran the XForce Black Labels in the pistols and high FPS Tightbore builds, but the Ausgel’s were the backup gels for most of these :+1:

to be honest i just ended up with like 15 or so packs from past purchases and thought might give these a try and found they were pretty good

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I take them out of the pack and pour them into a container together, plenty of head space, put in a temperature controlled environment without strong direct sunlight; and I let them breed. I find cross breeding your gels is the best way to create your own “master race” as it may be. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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99% of the 70 odd blasters that I had bought and tested throughout all my posts here were all done with the Ootb blue/green/milky white supplied gels! :open_mouth:

Was only the GBB Pistols and high FPS/Tight bore custom builds that would be fed the actual “brand name” gels :grin: