XPOWER BD556 Receiver Wells

Hello I finished my Wells modding and I was looking at using the old parts to build another blaster, but does the DB556 Receiver fit the stock wells gearbox?

Thanks in advance

Hey Freeman93, did you ever find out of it fit?
Thinki g about doing the same thing.

I never ended up buying it, decided to buy the Kublai one and get the LTD V3 gearbox and put in it which mounted with no issues.

I lurved my wells but the stock acrylic box is self limiting

If you’re upgrading, transplant what internals you can into a decent nylon box.

Cylinder and head are conditional but gearing and trigger block are pretty V2 standard

Tappet will need work but can be made fit

My Wells is a complete metal build now, minus stock and grip of coarse. Gearbox is the Wells metal Box, completely upgraded as my first box broke, but if this craps itself will get an mk box or retro arms.

Keen to know about the box m8

Where, what and how much?

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Figures you’d know

I’ve only been looking for a decent solution for some time now

The box is nothing more than a stock wells with metal gears, thing needed a lot of work done on it to get it shooting decently. I think the box is old, the V4 wells with the metal box is completely upgraded to fix all the issues with the metal shell. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it, once you rebuild the box to fix all the issues you may aswell brought a retro arms or mk box.

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good to know.

i have retired my wells (brutalised the box beyond resurrection) but am always on the lookout for a suitable resurrection options

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I am in the same way, after the money I put into the wells, then the box breaking with next to no use I lost all faith in it. I did get it replaced and upgraded but I moved onto a kublai now, and feel alot happier about it.

I’m lucky. I didn’t really spend allot on my wells and thoroughly brutalised so many players with it for almost a year.

It’s secondary to a few of my other builds now so if it never comes back to life I can deal with it

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I’ve spent too much on my wells :cry:
But man it’s fun to tinker with :blush:
@zeHamish You were right about the stock gearbox casing, it cracked on me yesterday.
Just picked up an mk v2 to replace it with.

Soo shiny.

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