XTB all metal blasters

Yeah that’s 3D printed but the delrin I use is made as machining high strength plastic and it’s almost as strong as aluminium and very stiff, it machines beautifully too.


Went in to Archerfield today - they’re gonna be back in stock tomorrow (Friday) if anyone’s interested.

which vendor is at archerfield?

Aussie Hobbies

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ahh…i consider that acacia ridge but…with the program

Ok, good news, so I suppose Aussie Hobbies has got the replacement mag terminal blocks in now ? Cause I ordered & paid for an XTB blaster weeks ago, then got told it will not be sent out due to the mag terminal block having a potential defect & had to be replaced. So hopefully will get mine soon now !

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Worth a call to them tomorrow - I didn’t get to chat long.

back to being avail to order on website

My experience with Delron has always been good. Fantastic to machine and extremely durable and resistant to wear. Machines like butter, but hit it with a file and you’d be struggling to mark it.
Never played with printing medium though.

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It’s actually Cooper’s plains lol


Got an email from Aussie Hobbies, my Scorpion blaster will be shipped out today, yay !
Makes me wonder though if there really was an issue at all with the mag terminal blocks, or they were just covering up the fact that they did not have quite enough of the blasters in stock to fulfill all the first round of orders… Anyway, doesn’t matter as long as I get it soon, very looking forward to it.


Have a new blaster now !

Feels fantastic, good weight and very sturdy.
Yet to try it out, have to change the battery plug.

Two small negative things about it though…
The stock is nice, but has a bit of wobble which is annoying. Might try & fit my UBR stock to it.
Also, none of the other mags I have will fit it, damn ! The supplied mag is ok, but I have much better ones. The other mags all seem to be slightly too thick to fit in the mag well. Dont really want to be stuck with the one mag for it.


instore only to purchase now.

Ahh, ok, so they are not posting these anymore ??

I got the Stinger version.

I like it alot except theres a tiny bit of wiggle between the upper and lower receiver. Do you feel that in yours spectreman?

Yeah its also annoying that none of my other magazines fit. If anyone knows of any other after market magazines that fit please let us know.


Ahh, funny you mentioned that. Yes, I have the same thing with the reciever on mine. Bit surprised about that too.
Will have to watch Low Guidos video again, could not separate the upper & lower receiver after removing the pins.

Ok, an update with my Scorpion blaster.
Got the receiver halves apart fine, was just getting stuck on the charging handle catch, stupid ! Only need to remove the one pin.
I have fixed the wiggle between the upper & lower receivers, is easy.
The very rear part of the upper receiver has two tabs on each side that secure it into place when fitted on the lower receiver. But these tabs are not quite thick enough to secure the upper receiver firmly in place.
So I cut out some thin strips of gaffa tape, and put two layers of tape on each of the tabs. This has stopped the receiver wobble.
I have also fixed a lot of the stock wobble by just putting strips of electrical tape on the inside of the stock buffer tube hole, have done this before on other blasters.
But for an expensive blaster, we really should not be having to do these things at all.


Oh, about the magazines for the XTB blasters.
I have been told the Kublai K2 MK18 blaster magazines will fit ok, so I will have to buy one of these to try it. Hope they are ok !


This is why I have now given up on gel blasters all together. Bought 3 so far and everyone have had to open up and fix something. I really wanted to get myself a metal one with a decent platform to upgrade but just cant bring myself to spend ridiculous amount of hard earned cash on something I know wont be perfect out of the box. Just like you mentioned adding gaffer tape to what a $900 blaster? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And the short time I have been on this forum I have come to understand that its pretty common just about for everyone! Unfortunately too many kids (& adults) happy to put up with this or the alternative is go back to Nerf. The conundrum. Each to their own I guess, but I aint rich and have had my fair share of frustration from badly made products. Have a friend from overseas who never had trouble with AEG products, understandably the tolerances are better, but basic stuff like a proper fitting mag… really is it that hard? Hopefully I may come back a few years down the track and the QA & products will be better. Really would like to have joined a skirmish game with decent blaster, but will have to stick to plinking cans in the backyard for now. So heres me signing off. Hope this is still around by time I revisit! Cheers to all the members help over last few months. God bless all.

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I hear ya @Thor77 which is why I don’t have allot of expensive kit

Or rather they don’t start out that way

For the most part I’ll take a solid base any day and then upgrade in ways that meet my needs.

I suspect a key difference between you and I will be that I’m not terribly concerned about looks

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