Xtp broken nozzle scoop

Hi guys, not sure if this has been discussed before, but has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to fix it. Thanks.


Can you pull down the gbb assy

I unfortunately shagged my nozzle with a not quite drop on slide and have been unable to source a spare

Hoping the xtp is the same and available

Do you know how it happened?

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i saw someone on the either the tac edge or gel blaster pistoleers facebook group post that the same happened to them. get on to Brent @AzraelsArmoury he might have spares

HOLY SHIT. is that wear on your slide. If so use oil and grease.

Nah, not normal wear. Probs from me using a screw driver to pry out the inner and outta barrel. It’s got plently of grease and oil :+1:

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I expect to see a lot of broken gas blasters in the next few weeks due to people not maintaining them properly.

Thanks mate, will have too. Tac edge dont seem to have any spares, so i’ll give them a yell tomoz or try to make something like it.

It’s properly maintained and only had 3 co2 through it

im keeping an eye on this guys store too https://pistolpavilion.com.au/. he’s listing that hes getting all the spare parts like blow back assemblies and nozzles.

$ 40 for a nozzle! You have to be fkn kidding me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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At this stage I would pay that

But yes AU taxes

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They are $6 US FFS , that’s fkn theft !

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Problem is getting one

Be damn sure I’ll be forever anal about tolerances and checking everything.

Never trusting another drop on again

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Whats a drop on? I don’t follow, sry mate, clarify for me :+1:

An item that is supposed to be a straight swap with no modification

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Is that across the XTP, Shark and Hornet, thought they all compatible no? :open_mouth:

Dunno… Really wanting to see the busted bit broken down

At this stage is isully my p1s with xtp gear it out fits


It being plastic doesnt seem to help either. Would have been good in my opinion to see the black nozzle tip made like the rubber nozzle tip in the metal ak range… might have made it less likely to snap off. But i’m new to this, so I dont really know.

It the xtp a D shaped cylinder cup

Soz Hamish, tried removing the gbb assembly to get pics, but wasnt having any luck. There’s a good vid on youtube tearing down a shark and i imagine it’s basically the same, so you might have some luck with that one.