XYL Arp9 Upgrades

anubody on here upgraded one of these bad boys? I got an 11.1 in there but wondering if anyone has got shorter gears, tighter springs etc

Look to achieve around 300+ fps (330 if possible)


The M K CNC boxes drop straight into these if you are looking to make a bulletproof build

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Hi have you confirmed this? Can’t seem to line up not fit properly

Yes the M K Hybrid92 fits in the ARP9

Mine is currently hitting 277 average straight out of the box with AKA gels so I imagine I’ll get close to that 300fps number with a longer barrel. Could try that yourself easily too.


Which box are you using

Mk hybrid 92
Well nozzle/ head - modified

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What nozzle and cylinder head do you use?

Nothing I’ve found so far goes back far enough to feed a gel.
Wells nozzle etc works but the nozzle tube is too short and the nozzle can pop off.

As Spencer_Wong said… the Wells Nozzle and cylinder head, however it does need to be modified slightly to suit

Bugger, not the option I wanted to use.

The tip will wear and can snap

How difficult will it be to de-mosfet the XYL so i can safely run a 11.1v on it? Running mine stock, just got accessories on it, might just do a green O-ring and leave her be


From what I’ve read the stock o’ring is better. As for mosfet I’ll probably get a tech to replace it with a Warfet once it dies from 3S.


Haha…love the handle. Welcome to the board :slight_smile:


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Stock O-Ring better than the green? :thinking::grinning: Fair enough, i might just leave it then, so just run a 11.1v until the current mosfet dies then just replace it with a different one? What will be the benefit of it?

3S should give you almost double rate of fire on full auto and a little snappier semi too

Cheers, going to look into this a bit further :thinking:

Nice cosmetic upgrades by the way, have you extended the barrel under that?

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13 to 1 gears with upgraded motor had a m150 in it but was stupid fast all my arps run 11.v with green o rings extended tight bore barrels shs pistons and gears i liked the arp mosfet so much i stuck one in my wells cqb


Nope, bone stock, just got a J9 hop up on it, may extend the barrel

Ooft that bottom ARP looks mint

Sounds like it’d shoot stupid fast lol