XYL ARP9 video review

Monkee Mods just posted a vid. Might be putting this one on my wishlist:

Can only find it here at the moment:



Just watched this video as well. Wifey wants it. Thus Iam allowed to buy more lol not keen on that site tho lol

HaHa, luckily a house has four walls :joy:

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Does anyone know where to get spare mags from?

Where can you get this blaster?

At the link I posted under the vid. Also now at Command Elite:


https://gelblastersaustralia.com/home/product/hlf-apr9/?doing_wp_cron=1578397413.5255739688873291015625 I ordered mine this arv, just have to find out where to get some more mags :ok_hand:

I checked that first link under the video and couldnt find it. But cheers!!

I just ordered 100$ worth of parts from MM, can in like 3 weeks and everything’s perfect