Yay or Nay for my rail job

i used an angle grinder and filed it down to get the angle for my bottom rail for my mp5 and then glued it
Yay or Nay

Nay untill you stick a couple of bolts or screws into it.
Always go for a mechanical connection. Glue will fail sooner or later.
And it will probably fail about 5 min before you notice. Leaving you wondering where your rail and what ever was attached fell off in the bush… :rofl:


yeah cant really put a bolt trough it as it needs to be threaded and the glue i used isnt your average super glue its basically araldite. but your right the glue will fail one day and when that happens ill just put some acetone on and then screw it on

If it works bruz.
Who cares about aesthetics.
Practicall trumps out.

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I haven’t played with one, can that bottom shroud come off? Cant you drill a hole though from inside and chuck in a couple of self tappers to hold it mechanically?

Is that before or after the mag well? What is the rail to hold? If it is for a light or laser… if you hold the fore grip in front of it, your wrist will block the light or laser?

If you used the right glue, it should hold… some glues bond the plastic better than the plastic itself… maybe an extra bead of glue around the edges where the rail meets the shroud…

What is the worst that can happen? It might fall off noidea badluck laughing%20(1)

It’s the handgrip in front of the magwell.
I say do whatever floats ya boat :v:


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Yup, he can do what he likes… but if he wants to hang a light or a laser off of it, it would be better further down towards the muzzle to give him some place to hold the fore stock … or put it on the right hand side of the fore stock… pop

I wasn’t disagreeing with you .

I answered your two questions about where on the blaster it was and I answered the original thread question of Yay or Nay by saying “Whatever floats ya boat” :v:

Ohhhhh boat! I thought it was…


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My goat (named Abdul) ALWAYS gets what he wants! If he wants to float… you better make it happen (or else) laughing%20(1)