Your fav blasters, AK’s, upgrades and other cool shit!

I will pretty this up but I just want a place to ramble about mah bullshit, the guuns I like or have, things I am doing, might help stop me from naturally rambling on at people in other topics hehe, this is seperate enough tk the other things I made, one is specifically just ak cool shit anyone can get in on, the other is more learning how to get into the guts of these things, this one is just anything I am thinking about, we’ll see how long that lasts cause I can’t just ramble endlessly here I don’t think heheh, but a good starting place would be a picture of my stuff yeah?

I dunno ask questions, make suggestions, entertain my nonsense if you are bored, ponder about philosophical puzzles while I scream about sexy this gbb is for an hour, up to you.

Nice setup @Puppy love the AK and the eotech and magnifier combo on the AR platform also!

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Call them the Octogon and Dr Kenneth Noisewater

cool setup, the pink wall matched the black tie very well, good contrast there. Love artistic placement of the unfinished rack. it would be great if you could share some picture of your blasters

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Any upgrades on your blasters or are they stock?
What do they chrono at and how accurate are they?
And do you take them to a field if so which ones or just plink in the backyard?
What kind of targets are you shooting?
Enough questions to keep you busy?
Maybe you should call this
Your fav blasters, AK’s, upgrades and other cool shit!!!

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@Mysterio here asking the hard questions!
Seriously though @Puppy AK’s, AR’s or PCC’s?

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Just standard questions lol
I gotta feel it out before the tough questions come out hahaha

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Okay be gentle I just woke up lmao, I didn’t expect anyone to even see this ngl,

the shotgun is modified everything else is stock, and most of those modifications are cosmetic, there is a new bolt but the stock piston, I dont have a chrono so I cant tell ya

the awm is accurate and hits hard enough to tear holes in a weather proof bbq cover, dont ask me how I know this. the kar is shit but its a shell rifle so it was always meant for feeling cool and not being good lmao

The ak is trash the m4 is pretty alright both were bought a few years back when the skd m9 was top shit.

Ask all the question you like my man I will be here forever ^+^ I shot a reactive target once buuuut I had an alley way of a backyard then and very little interest in shooting the ■■■■ I had, aeg’s dont feel satisfying to me, my bolty was a pain in the ass to use outside, the awp was dope but also wasnt mine at the time.

That’s a good name I reckon.

If you have good ideas for getting away with this in a gated community without pissing off our landlord or whatever by all means give me ideas, I am tempted to start shooting at least the Sig but I have nowhere to really do it and it would likely be too loud. I also havent been to a field ever, I am kinda collector atm, but I have nothing against taking a proper kit out someday and having some fun, I would probably run a shotgun and pistol, but shells lmao.

A side note I have a dinky lil 1911 manual, a little moon revolver, a cap ■■■ that you dont need to worry about, and then my new bby this sig p226… soooon I will have a g17 to add to that pile but for now

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I’d love to share some more pictures, and yes this entire trash fire scene was completely intentional, finally someone notices my autistic talent

Pink walls are dope and go really good with the big fuck off shotgun and lil groza nerf ■■■, you just want pictures of everything or you have specifics you want a details look at, I promise its only sorta lame ^+^


I am a bit of an ak whore, I do like the ar-15 but nothing beats the good ole kalashnikov.

and cheers, I thought it fit pretty well, too, better then the 16x awm scope at least hehehe

I will learn how to reply to multiple things at a time later btw, rn I am trying to understand basic sentences heheheh

but assuming I havent sent all this while everyone is alseepin I’ll be able to ramble about whatever else soon, but first imma get some deterge- I mean cordial

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I have a good idea of what I want the end state of this pistol to be, silver mag and grooves, the slide track, picc rail recoil rod, giving the ■■■ a smexy two tone,

going front to back a chonky black osprey suppressor gold barrel, black frame and slide, gold accents, all the buttons and bits woodrn grips, trigger and hammer gold as well, and the grooves in the slide silver as well, maximum hothothothotness

side notes I forgot lil reflex sight smol xc1 flashlight, and something to make the mag a lil more umphy, maybe longer but probably just a pad for more grip, worst case give it a gold base or stick with black on silver

some random pics I found to help elaborate what I am saying cause tiredimages - 2021-05-22T065654.334 images - 2021-05-22T065618.022 invert the two tone, so black where its silver silver where its black

U just reminded me of the wooden grips I ordered and forgot .
Chase that up thanks

oooo what for? and I cant find any decent ones, $50 on ali but they are inconsistent at best a fair few people have the shits and I need something comfier the this plastic edge I got rn, and looking at 200 for one of the classy ones to get shipped here… and there is like no fuckin inbetween… and then the expensive ones are probably crazy

For a Kublai 1911.
Got it off eBay .
Or if you want to spend a bit extra or but there from the U S of A

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ooo very fancy, I will check em out I have been tryna find something for my mk25

My Blasters, gas and electric, are for built up area play times. I have understanding neighbours for outside exercise but have found that running the gas Pistols inside that despite the sound report in hand that they can’t be heard, or more if so, distinguished as anything other than a ‘thump’ when listening from outside, even within the property bounds. Give it a go, have someone let rip with a volley as you listen outside, might surprise you, might open up an option for you.

I constructed these indoor targets for the Gas Pistols and position them indoors and clean up afterwards with a vacuum, stealthy and easy.

Good luck with whatever you come up with.


Oooo I am definitely gonna need to steal details but if the pistol is quite from outside thats good, the neighbour beside us are like the same house but no way to get through, the only people I would really wanna check in with about it otherwise that sounds great.

With cleanup you have hard floors or carpet? Would a vacuum work on both, and how everywhere does it get cause I dont have a looot of room lmao

Pls teach me how to make that body target bro thats so siiiiic

Also a total side note, I feel like my nice pfp that I made isnt autistic enough for this place… luckily I have something for that… only if you choose tho

Lots of info in this thread, the above Target is post 32, a Silhouette cut from cardboard and then two ‘hit’ zones made from thin strips of plastic sheeting that visually register the gels hitting their mark.

Cardboard from Coles, the divider between pallets of soft drink, asked, no worries, makes two targets from one sheet.
Plastic from A4 folder, or any that has the right flex.
Frame, de-commissioned heated clothes rack, or anything to provide a frame for the cardboard, wooden strips or dowel, metal, plastic, or anything to give support.

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