Your fav blasters, AK’s, upgrades and other cool shit!

Btw.i have same one. It was decent enough in 2019. Blasters have changed now though.

for sure, sorry I dont get notifications for the forum

I mean get a new one, full metal gbb maybe shell ejecting if that ever shows up, cause am a collector, and I would make it so prettyyy

The only shell ejecting gas blasters are the kar98k and the shotguns.

yeah, I got a nerf pistol that does it too, but I hope more shit starts ejecting, semi auto first, gbbs and the garand if we get one would be a good start, eventually some ars would be the peaaak

Fully automatic shell ejecting rifles are a bad idea. They are great for a collector’s perspective or a wall hanger, but for a game or backyard Plinker, they will have terribly low but realistic ammo capacity and the shells will why lost easily or damages to the point that they cannot be used due to landing on the tip and crumpling the tube, shredding gels.

yup, exactly why I want one, becaause sexyyyyyyyyyy

totally useless tho but the gamers have a billion fa gbs so I dont care what they think tbh

they should sell brass shells a stock

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god I fuckin hate this ■■■ so much, its the actual worst ever

I love it.

so loading is still a bitch but with practice loading 2 fast is easy, loading more will always take time but you can top up fairly easily since ejection is based on speed of pull rather then just being open, so if you open it slowly it wont cycle but the shell wont go flying so you can fiddly with what you need to, making this a lever action double barrel with optional high capacity

paracord is on the menu because FUCK THIS STUPID THING HURTS

deciding on my colours, could go nice brown, could try and give it a fox tail orange and white look, or could go hot pink not entirely sure what I am thinking yet

wooden furniture and the mag tube are on the table, but the barrel I thought i had in a cart might actually also be a mag tube so thats a bust, reciver and end cap have no options either but I think for now I can live without em, the barrel might need to come after the reciever just based n structure so these mother fuckers better start selling complete recievers none of this diy your shit is barely put together fuck you gimme 200 dollars bullshit, 70 bucks at most, comes with everything I need to make it work AND SOME GODDAMNED INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE


the shells are doing fine, the loading is still scarying me just becuse you need to really beat the shit out of it and its a hea vy metal part resting in a plastic body that only has a few real points holding it together, but so far all is well I been goin all night more or less, sure my neighbours love me

Paracord the lever, wooden furniture, more shells, and aluminum mag tube are all in cart resting at 200 so I can make this pretty nice and fast, there is the option for a full stock, but I dont think I want that I am considering how much I want it to have the full length barrel or if that should just be… sawn off for the nice lil bastard ■■■, if you are looking at getting this NERF GVN

its on ali at way to much money it comes with the lever out and the rear stock not attached, the stock is two pieces pull it apart slap it over the handle screw it in with the two long screws, then the lever slides in the short fat screw is decoration put it over the lil gold bump, the longer fat screw goes in the elevator which is that part that isnt quite attached to anything but hanging on the action, th4en the pin just pushes into the base of the reciever and holds the lever in place

I dont know what the spring thing is for it came in the bag of screws with no fuckin DIRECTIONS so it is just in a bag sittin on my desk until something fuckin breaks, I have a feeling it makes the ■■■ lock up better since right now it has no lockup at all

if you are buying one, there is cheap plastic furniture that imitates wood for 30 bucks, or real shit for 80, buy a metre or two of paracord and a lighter and you can make the lever less knuckle busting, you gravel handed nutcases should have no trouble loading it but this entire ■■■ is essentially a masochistic brat and it wants you to beat the hell out of it, you think you are doing it hard but it will only scream harder, you are essentially trying to break it while you use it, and thats when it is working properly. That isnt a fault, that is just the 1887, best example, you rock it hard and it jams, then jams, then jams and you get pissy and fuckin snap it out and it works like a charm for all 7 rounds… ez pz thats what the paracord is for because it is hell on the back of your fingers, the trigger sucks but you will be fiiiine and if you are pulling it apart the side panells hold the thing together the mag topper can come off first but you better have a hand on it when you pull things free, the panels slide forwards and come clean off, the mag tube comes down and out. the barrel has four screws holding it to the reciever that I saw, but you can research yourself, its all allen keys

if you wanna know how to load it then put a shell into the claws, then push down on it till it clicks into lowered position, then you drag it forwards, push up on the elevator from the bottom and it will lock into the tube, then do the same thing but dont push it into the tube let it just sit down there in shame, put a shell into the chamber, then give that lever a nice squeeze, it’ll fight ya but trust me it shuts no problems and you can have two loaded outside the 5 round tube

the lever is super heavy everything else is light as anything, so I really want metal to try and even it out a little bit

m1887 people hear me, make brass shells more metal parts and maybe some barrel length options for the long as fuck shotgun rifle and the short as fuck death stick

Fuckin side saddle yes please, no idea where I would find one but that is perfect, there is also a rail mount if you want it, expensive as fuck though, mine came without a front iron sight btw
also that is what I mean when I say Supershort cause it is ridiculous, obviously you lose a shell cutting it down *that much

but I like the idea of at least having shorter options because its small but its still over half my leg long so clunky to move in small areas, have less barrel and maybe cut the tube down if you are so inclined and you have got quite a lil shit, more ammo then a super shorty since you can hold an extra round over the trigger, and it would still be longer, but not by that much

thats the line up of shells against the tube, remember that you fit another half a shell in there to ghost load and the spring is strong as shit so that dead space wouldnt fit another shell even if I had one, cutting it down to do a centimetre above the panels you would lose the fifth shell making it a 4 + 1 + 1 6 rounds, not bad, and while it is a couple inches shorter which is great, it is less ammo in a ■■■ that is a pain in the ass to reload so take it with a grain of salt that you need to load it more often, buuuut it will be smaller making it a better backup ■■■ to something… not this

so far no expanded loops have shown up but you could wait for one and rock the single handed reload and have it as a tertiary for style points

or yknow dick around in your room like me either way shorter is pretty worth it even if it does suck to lose that extra shell

getting a side saddle on the panel could be a game changer since I have never seen a side saddle on this gvn, and if you want tactics you can put a scope on it with the screw mount

This is that tacticool mount I mentioned, I am considering it but rn I like the classic look so I will wait it out, especially at its price

A spinny smol boi


the former is a real thing and might work out really well even if it is super limited, gives you that two shot reload nice and quick, but the other thing existed in concept so we should be able to bully them into making it, the basic velcro with like dual side storage, maybe it would work better closer to the front depends, would take a bit of trial and error but it is an interesting idea to get more shells on hand

Just put an urrkii mosfet in this. Love three round burst default and being able to set ROF. Can now program it for semi so I can use it in semi only games. Has two stage trigger. Great and compact for CQB and accurate on field with 350mm barrel and hop-up

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Here’s some for your wishlist puppy :heart:


gotta love the lever rifles

I hate it more now but that does sound really cool

I have successfully wasted 400 on a game I barely like for no good reason because… I dunno reasons

legit if I dont buy the shiny things, the voices get louud

good news that is the limit I am not spending more then that, bad news is that spending that much money for different colours on some shit ■■■■ I dont even like somehow wins over buying yknow…food, a better game, like what 3 p90s because my brain is an actual degenerate lump of coal that decided to choose violence and if I could kill it I would

long story short the cost of not getting therapy is outweighing how much therapy would cost

I keep seeing this lever nerf ■■■ thing same as my shotgun, it wasnt sold on ali, it does look like metal action and I am pretty sure it is the model I like, I’m considering yoinkin it since there are fuck all people to buy from here and if they did make one of these in gelsoft it would be 5 times the price rn its like $120 plus like eighty for wooden parts on ali because ali is overpriced, while I want the short shotgun I would want a full sized rifle

Chuck us opinions I dunno

theres the site, I have to assume its legit its being advertised by the same people that advertised my shotty, and I recognise the site name, looks like its all plastic with a metal action which is good cause it’ll make sexy click clack noises, I figure it loads a reasonable amount of shells but I figure I’ll have to buy those shells seperately

rn waiting on wood for my 87 so not in a hurry to get it, just keepin an eye out for stuff I like that isnt being sold well above what its worth by shitheads

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Nerf make a few lever action and sometimes they pop up for sale on market place cheap. Look out for these

This is a 3d printed one

I mean it uses foam darts its not actual nerf, but yeah I had seen them before woulda been cool before the more realistic models came out following gel stuff


still want a p90 fucc

Bf or other?

The bf V3 is supposedly very good.

any my dream is a metal gas and brass one but I really doubt thats coming any time soon so probably the v3, I am an aesthetics bish so just want somethin pretty to hold