Zhenduo lowered gel blaster price to the industry bottom

this would be the cheapest price for gel blaster industry, Vector v2: 144.55 AUD. Gen9: 141 AUD. if any one interested how and why, google or facebook it!


Well I tried purchasing from Zhenduo a Vector v2, paid for it, they never sent it, refused to reply to messages, now well over a month in dispute with them for a refund. Tracking information advised never sent, product never arrived, I ordered from them due to the positive reviews, maybe they should reply to their customers instead of posting ads in forums


you definitely did not purchase from our official website, which is : www.zhenduotoys.com , which is in my management.

We have many platforms, and they are managed by separate team. If you have any issues with the orders, pls contact the platforms( ebay, aliexpress) you ordered from

I always use Ebay for Chinese purchases. You have buyer protection that way and ebay will force a refund.

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according to craig_turner, they did not redund

If it does not have AUD at the checkout don’t purchase it, i have found a few zhenduo sites that only have CAD and US at checkout

that’s true, we accept usd via paypal
ZHENDUO process all orders in USD. While the content of your cart is currently displayed in AUD, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate.

Nothing worse than buying something online, then finding the price was US dollars… then you have to pay GST (on the freight as well)… then it gets held up (or confiscated) in customs badluck

there won’t be any customs issues, and we have warehouse in brisbane,54 Annie Street .
we are figuring out a new payment method to accept aud now!

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If you guys used payafter payments systems that would help out a lot

that sounds good for you , but we cannot afford the risk

payafter is used by many gelblaster stores, look into it

they are australia based

@zhenduo_gel_blaster. Just purchased a kriss vector from you. $144.
I will let you know how it all goes.

thanks for your purchase, and we will be shipping it out soon

Awsome thanks. Do u also sell the black out kit and other upgrades for it.

here is all the upgrades and accessories for lehui vector v2

@zhenduo_gel_blaster ok cool can I order a few more things and you put them all in the one order and package

it’s no big deal to place another order, for free shipping is for orders over $30

All done just got the battery extender and the extra mag and coupler.