Zhenduo shipping queries and order escalations

Ok so I decided to try get some parts for the AWM from these guys, first the tracking number was not working now it says cancelled on the tracking number, I have contacted Zhendou and besides an email from them saying they will check with the factory in china which was over two weeks ago no contact or update on the website.
Honestly, I feel this is just another company to avoid, they put on a big promising face in the forums but they definitely don’t deliver on service when contacted with an issue.
I am gonna file a dispute with Paypal and let them sort it out, but not someone I will ever use again or recommend using.


I feel your pain, but everything is all upside down at the moment due to the virus Bs… It is hard getting stuff delivered from Australia, getting stuff from China is even worse.

I agree that the Chinese should keep you informed as to what is going on and where your stuff, bought in good faith, actually is… but many of the Chinese sellers don’t speak english and only have a set of generic answers to respond with.

As an example, I bought one roll of wood filament on the 29th of March (from an Aussie seller) and I bought a second order of 3 rolls on the 30th (next day)… the first order arrived in a few days, on the 2nd… so, I expected the 3 rolls to arrive on the 3rd… but no, that order is still lost and being re-sent. I am told that the 2nd order was lost by Aus Post… Aus post said it was only ever submitted the paperwork, not the item… the sender says it was actually sent… who knows, but I still don’t have my filament.

All I am saying, is, it is not just you, it is wide spread. I wouldn’t be flaming the seller too much because it is probably on it’s way but lost in transit… but yes, I too wish the Chinese would find someone who actually speaks english and keep us updated… the ‘non contact’ from the overseas sellers is REALLY annoyingceazy

I wonder what is really going on in China? They say Wuhan is back to normal and all is well… but I doubt that is really the case.

Did you buy from Zhendou Australia or from one of the overseas ones?

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i’ve bought a few things of them. they are my goto for generic budget parts and so far have been quite good.

i’ve helped escalate a couple of issues raised here to them (they are on the forum too) which were resolved satisfactorily.

i think @Calcifer is right…its fallout from the present corona bs

hey @zhenduo_gel_blaster


At least they don’t lie about item location like certain ebay seller I had to deal with recently whom lied to my face again and again…


yea…overall i’ve had a good run with them

postage can be as problematic as any other supplier but they have had good customer service for me (at least)

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Same for me. I’ve had my share of issues (inevitable due to sheer volume of product), and had to push a little to get the outcome I’m after, but they have always managed to resolve to my satisfaction.

While their range of locally held stock is limited, they also tend to be the cheapest place for complete blasters.

While it’s important to support the local sellers who lobby for the sport and keep the space competitive, there are few that I no longer deal with due to poor service and after sales support - inexcusable for Aussie bricks ‘n’ mortar businesses.

Tactical Edge remain my choice for local purchases, due to competitive pricing, regular discounting, free shipping on most orders, and outstanding service when I’ve had an issue.

With current delays in local and overseas freight, I’m leaning more towards local stores and private sales, but I’ll continue to use (and recommend) Zhenduo.


did you contact them through facebook ? I have only had one issue with an order from them (3 orders now) and it was to do with the CNY and COVID19 lockdown more than anything. Contacted them through FB and got it all sorted pretty quick.

Shipping is usually 15 working days from them to me, but it will be longer right now with everything that is going on, Aust post is really overloaded right now too.


So I have one order with Zhendou atm, I think it’s the one tracking on the auspost app, So I can report in once I get it how long.

But some people may not be aware, International freight is expensive and somewhat rare atm,

Most companies use commercial airlines to get freight around the world, there aren’t many commercial airlines flying atm, you have cargo plains going places but they will also start having backlogs but freight has slowed down around the world, meaning mistakes will happen somewhere somehow or things will get lost due to sitting around

Was only talking to my local postie last week, he was saying freight is backing up in all depots and they aren’t allowed to do overtime to clear it,


This is the Australian based Zhendou which is why I am so annoyed because here they are saying contact us and we will get it sorted blah blah blah and nothing
As for it being lost it actually has finally come up with tracking information and it states it’s been cancelled happy to link the shipping number so you can see, regardless they should of contacted me with an update after replying initially.
No I contacted them via the email listed on the website which I got a response pretty fast but never got another reply.

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Interesting - my local postie said yesterday that they had people working the public holiday Monday to try and keep things moving. He had a personal package that took 4 weeks from Sydney to Adelaide, if that gives you an idea of what they’re up against.

Also noted that tracking events aren’t consistently occurring under current conditions, so you might get a surprise arrival if you’re lucky :slight_smile:

Having said that it’s now exactly one month since the last scan event for one of my orders - hasn’t left China if this is anything to go by.

Also almost three weeks since confirmed arrival in AU for an “International Express” order and no updates since.

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sorry for your experience, recently there are too many issues to solve and some parts cannot be shipped from china for now, probably forgot your message after a while, you can contact us again and get an immediate reply.

yes, recently many orders are delayed and parts like mag, gearbox, gel balls etc,. cannot be shipped from china since april

the virus situation is getting better each day, most infectants are coming from abroad, but suddently the post office security check rejected some parts since april, i dont know why

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I too have an order hopefully on its way. Ordered March 17th. Wish it was here already, but post is slow :frowning:

I’m still waiting for an item (not related to Zhendou) from Sydney to arrive too! Auspost picked it up on March 14th! Still not here in SA either.

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its a shame Zhenduo didn’t reach out to their customers to say “hey we are having difficulties” instead the first response I get is on a forum, not what I consider good customer service.
Nothing stated on their webpage either or having flagged any of the items they are having difficulties with, so more people will be burnt…


Standard eparcel could take up to 6 business days. Express is still next day delivery atm tho

Tricky times.
My postie tells me there were staff cuts because they were expecting less to come in from overseas.
Meanwhile retailers have been encouraging people to buy online and online businesses are hiring to handle the increase in orders.
The result is a growing backlog of parcels and fewer staff. They’ll be playing catch-up for a while.

My ‘local’ supplier deliveries are taking days/weeks depending. The ‘stay home’ rules don’t help of course. Be patient.


As well as Aus Post being a bit snowed under, they have changed a few things too… it even says on my tracking that I may see parcels coming from unusual places… for me, tracking always used to come from the seller, then get to ‘Underwood’ then it would be delivered the next day. Then they opened ‘Redbank’ mail center, so everything would show at Redbank and the parcel would arrive the next day… right now, I have had something sitting at Nerandera for 2 days and not moving, and stuff sitting at Chullora for almost 2 weeks now.

Right now, I have 3 sellers who have started searches for stuff through Aus Post because they are overdue, a couple of sellers I am chasing for my stuff… I have, in the past, had a couple of hiccups… but never THIS many all at once…

All I am saying is, the sellers should be more active at persuing missing stuff, they should write proper answers to questions… but just at this time, before flaming some seller who in the past has been pretty good and reliable… should perhaps think about the current situation and be a bit forgiving.

I too have torched sellers in the past… but I am an ebay tart… if I see a good price, I often buy it… I hate it when I see a great price … but from a seller I have recently flambeaued for whatever reason and I wonder what ‘notes’ they have left about what an A-Hole I am?icon_e_ugeek laughing (1)

These days I tend to ‘lightly roast’ them in a very nice way… and hope for the best.

You can bet that Aus Post is at a crawl… I bet they are working at snails pace (as they usually do)… but if someone coughs or sneezes… they prolly run for the door… clear the building, wipe everything down, then change hazmat suits… then restart.

This from Redbank when it began running… before the virus even had a name… No speed demons here… do you still wonder why your stuff is slow (or lost) badluck head giphy


My favorite bit in that Aus Post movie, apart from when they pick up one parcel at a time when walking backwards and forwards to the truck and conveyer… is when the robots tip all the parcels, many with ‘Fragile-this side up’ out of the cage and onto the rest of the parcels with ‘Fragile-this side up’ written on them too (from at least a meter above)…

I thought also, pulling the boxes with ‘Fragile-this side up’ with a stick on a string was pretty awesome too… I like the way they roll like an avalanche onto the belt (finally) … so they can go to the next station (where they get squashed flat-on their side)

No wonder things arrive broken… lucky the sender thought to put stickers all over it saying ‘Fragile-this side up’

Imagine if they didn’t put the stickers on??!!eek badluck laughing (1)

Can you imagine what our blasters go through getting to us?


not just the robots,
when they hand sort at the post office / depot / business hub, they throw fragile parcels around like they are NBA professional 3 point shooters.

from almost 10 years of dealing with auspost, i can assure you they don’t give a flying fk about your postage items.

By far one of the most unreliable, irresponsible business I have deal with.