Zhenduo shipping queries and order escalations

order 5321 is rejected by ubi express shipping security check, our warehouse will resend it via another express after it returns to our warehouse, the rest two orders are in transit, one is already in sydney will arrive soon

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hello mr.spudkopf, we replied your email, thx!

thank you for the prompt response

Thank you for your quick response, I have received notification of a pending shipment.


Order #4440 the last update is:

Cleared and awaiting international departure
Date & time Sat 23 May • 7:05pm

Your reply via email was

“the warehouse said the au post has received the info and gonna scan it so it will be updated soon”

The last update in auspost says the same thing - Cleared and awaiting international departure

Can you please let me know if you are able to send this order successfully, many thanks


I have not likely in that same shipment

The freight handlers at the other end need to be sacked but this isn’t a zhendou thing

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my zhendou bits landed in SYD yesterday!

NOPE…my chgbb bits landed in SYD yesterday :exploding_head: :triumph:

my zhendou bits are still:

KUALA LUMP D, Cleared and awaiting international departure

still… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


FML, mine is still sitting in KL, Since 23 May, ordered the gear on 13th April

@zhenduo_gel_blaster Order #3442 From 13th of April, still says it is sitting in KuALA LUMP D airport. It has been listed as cleared and awaiting international departure since 16:25 on the 23rd of May. ?

Yes, Also @zhenduo_gel_blaster, have the same issue with items sitting and awaiting international flight Order #4780. I realise you’re busy and flights are scarce these days, but a cursory check to see if they are maybe at the bottom of the pile now would help :hugs:

Cheers, Jeff

alot of the same info here… maybe the mods can join these threads?

it’s probably stuck in there :cry:

this is not a good courier shipping via malaysia to australia, we choose an express to australia now

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ok so do all the current orders stuck in Malaysia get re-sent or what will happen to them?

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I’ve got a mosfet having a holiday in Kuala Lumpur :desert_island::tropical_drink:

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KLIA isn’t particularly nice

Good question there mate :+1:

So @zhenduo_gel_blaster, could you give us an answer to that please?

I have an order (#4628) that’s supposedly been sitting there since the 2nd of June, “awaiting international departure”

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the au post has received the shipping info , but it’s delayed in clearance, the shipping forwarder said the reason is unknown

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I received an email from you yesterday asking about my order no. 4276

Here are pics of the timeline

AustPost have received the tracking info but on their system it’s still awaiting departure at KLA

The order seems to be lost in the system somewhere if you’re asking me if I’ve received it. Not necessarily Zhenduo’s fault, but I’ve just about given up on it.
How do I go about organizing a refund?

Thanks for the reply.

However, the last update on the tracking said it was “cleared and awaiting international departure”
So, who’s telling the truth here, the forwarder who told you it has been delayed in clearance, or 17Track?

awaiting INTL dept…

i understand the clearance is…into the country…as in it is here but au mafia are fking with us

yet again