Zm AWM sniper rifle

Hay has anyone used a ZM AWM they look good but I can’t find any vids on them

Do you mean the newest one with mag primer and AA batteries in the mag?

Yeah that’s the one mate

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Yep I got one. I was waiting for a better sniper to come along due to the swifthawk being so crap :frowning:
When I saw this has batts in the mag to feed and saw the fps over 300 I wanted it. So did the wifey lol

What can I say…

I am not sure what I expected - but I still think I am a little disappointed. Mainly because its not great and putting out the gels straight lol a hopup might change all that tho too - waiting on one.
Its HEAVY! like after shooting 20 shots you wanna put it down! lol It feeds well! pretty much every shot you had a gel loaded - that I do like! The mags a bit tight getting it in to the body.
I haven’t tested the FPS - I will be over the weekend.

One of these semi auto would be awesome lol pulling back that bolt gives ya a work out. Speaking of which the bolts very well done and solid.

I have seen some price it as low as 250 - depends how much you like your bolt actions too :wink:
Was there anything set you wanted to know?

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That’s awesome yeah I like my bolt actions. My amazing wifey got me a m24 for Christmas and I liked that but wanted to look for one made from nylon, Iv been waiting for someone to make a video lol. Dose it have a metal inner barrel out of the box?
From what I can see these are the best sniper on the market so far

$168 shipped during the Xmas sales - couldn’t pass that up.

Haven’t found it to be very reliable, but this might be a combination of my technique and shoddy gels.

Looks and feels great though. I just need to revisit it when I’m feeling a little more patient.

Correct magazine position on this version is the icing on the cake - my pet hate on the M24 and other GJ’s!

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you are right there - it is the best one at the moment… not sure on the metal inner? Might have to check it out after the weekend as I am packing up for some skirmish fun :smiley:

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I can’t wait for my first skirmish :star_struck:
I like the m24 and can hit the kids just about every time I just don’t like the cheap feel of it. So I started looking for something a bit tougher I wish someone would make a more rugged m24 :pensive:

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Get one of these to turn up to your first game and really scare the :poop: out of everyone there :skull_and_crossbones:laughing%20(1) 205qlh4

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That would be gold :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Imagine if you saw Rattler or Hiroshima walking up to a game with that eye%20boggling I wouldn’t be able to run away fast enough (following the crowd) laughing%20(1)


Nope I’m gust gunna lay down and play dead :ghost:

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Lol if someone asked me to carry that thing around, I also wouldn’t be able to run away fast enough :rofl:


Look up JY AWM or Jie Ying AWM - there’s heaps of vids on youtube …

I bought one for the aesthetics - seems to shoot OK. Wish the scope was a bit better though but for the price I got it I can’t complain …